Expert Automotive Clear Bra Installer for the St. Louis Metro Area

Why wouldn't you protect your car's paint?

Your car is one of your most valuable assets. By adding our Paint Protection Film you are protecting your investment and assuring a higher resale value when it comes time to trade or sell your vehicle. Your car is protected all the time! Against tree sap and bird droppings that can damage your paint just by parking it in an exposed area. On the road, you are guarded against damage from bug acids, rock chips and road debris.
We use a clear coated, transparent, 8 mil thin urethane film that is applied directly to the surface of your car's paint. This durable film is virtually invisible, yet protects your car's paint from all kinds of every day damage. That is the Clear Advantage!

Why Clear Advantage LLC?

It can not be stressed enough: only use a reputable and experienced paint protection film installer! Installing a automotive "clear bra" can be very tedious work that requires patience, skill and a extreme attention to detail. The success of the product relies heavily on the quality of installation just as much as the quality of material. Not all materials are created equal, to say the least, and we are very particular in using only the best. We are a fully insured Xpel and 3M Certified Installer since 2004. Factory trained and a Xpel Design Access Partner able to produce computer cut paint protection film kits on site. We utilize patterns specific to your vehicle for an accurate and effective installation, with out the need to cut the film on your paint! A "Quality Custom Installation" is what we are known for. This is not just one of many services that we offer, this is our craft. We are dedicated to being the premier installer for the Greater St. Louis, MO Area. Our honesty and commitment to quality is what our customers remember us by, before and after the job is done. Hundreds of happy customers that often become repeat customers. Once you experience the benefit of having a vehicle with "the Clear Advantage" you will never want another car without it!

Over the years we have encountered several brands and types of Paint Protection Film (PPF). Like everything else we quickly discovered early on that not all are created equal. The picture to the left is an example of a vehicle we found at a dealership with obviously inferior film that was actually flaking!
You get what you pay for. If the price is cheap the material and/or install most likely
will not be up to par.
Clear Advantage pays the premium to offer the right material for the job to give the best durability and quality.
Trained and certified by an at the time unified XPEL Technologies and 3M, we knew the Scotchgard PPF was the way to go. Soon after, the company that created what constitutes being 3M Certified- XPEL continued their growth as technology leaders with the production of their own paint protection film "for installers, by installers". Experiencing both films for some time eventually lead to a conscious although rather tough decision for Clear Advantage. Name recognition is certainly important in business and there is no disputing the power of the 3M logo, however the leaps and bounds continually being made by the company dedicated to the industry, XPEL, could not be over looked when what was most important to us was providing our customers with the best quality installation possible. We believe being partnered with XPEL and supplying their products helps us to do this.
Xpel Protection Film from Clear Advantage comes with a seven year materials and workmanship warranty and can be easily removed or replaced at anytime. Maintenance is just the same as the paint underneath; you can wash it, wax it just like you normally would.

What gets protected?
Pretty much any painted surface can be protected, as well as vehicle lighting (i.e Head Lamps, Fog Lamps). Our standard and most popular coverage protects the leading edge of the vehicle. This consists of protection for the front bumper, portion of the hood, fenders and the backs of the side mirrors.
Other vulnerable areas include the rocker panel and side skirts, roof above windshield, door edges, door handle cups and the "luggage area" on top of the back bumper.

We are often asked if the entire car can be covered with our Paint Protection Film, and the answer is YES.
In general protecting the complete car may not be viewed as necessary
, but some do see the benefit and for those individuals Clear Advantage is up to the task. Clear Advantage completely covered this Cadillac with XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film.

More common than wrapping the entire car would be our seamless full hood coverage as seen being performed here on a 2011 Nissan GTR. On this particular vehicle we also covered the full fenders as well as front bumper to complete protection of the entire front clip of the car! This is one of several Clear Advantage installations featured by  XPEL on their web site- Xpel Film Installations.

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