Expert Automotive Clear Bra Installer for the St. Louis Metro Area


"Dear Justin,

Just wanted to give you some real world experience of the clear bra you installed on my 2010 Corvette.

Since the installation in April of 2010, the car has been driven to some key destinations and has endured some interesting roads. Shortly after the installation we took the car on a road trip from St. Louis to Pensacola, Florida, then up to Bowling Green, KY and back home. Some construction but as you might suspect in June, lots of bugs. The bra performed as promised and the car looked great after clean up.

But perhaps the true test of the bra was this past July. We left St. Louis on the 2nd of July and began a trip up through South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, and back home to St. Peters, MO. A total of 4,600 miles and not on pristine roads. The unique part of this trip is that the bulk of the trip was on two-lane roads and we ran into lots of construction. At one point leaving Spearfish, South Dakota to head North we encountered 25 miles of gravel road as the road was under construction and that was the only route we could take. We went on this trip with two other Corvettes; neither had bras on their cars. At the end of this long road trip both of the other cars had scars on their cars to brag about but my car with your clear bra installed had little if any noticeable dings or chips. That wasn’t the case for my lower front splitter that was added after you put the clear bra on my car. The splitter literally got hammered and was full of chips and dings. Immediately upon our return to home the splitter was taken off, taken to a reputable body shop, refinished, repainted, and as you know that splitter is now protected with the stealth covering you recommended and promptly installed!

Bottom line is that I am living testimony to what a clear bra can do.  I won’t have another new car without having this installed. However, having an Xpel Clear Bra installed is one thing, the installer is key to this process. My car can be compared to any other installation and the difference is overwhelming. On my car one can hardly see the line around areas like the lights but other cars, it is obvious.

Thank you, Clear Advantage for a great job."

-Bob Williams


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